To Cuba, legally this time

On Sunday June 11, we set off from Miami for our ultimate destination of Cuba.  This would be Amazing Grace’s third voyage to Cuba and this time traveling under a CG3300 permit to enter Cuban Seas.

The trip was smooth and uneventful, which was a nice change from previous voyages such as the Yucatan Channel crossing with 40 mph winds and 20 foot waves, or the trip to Nassau when we lost all electronics in the middle of the worst storm in the area in 20 years.

We did have minor issues with the fuel and had to stop in Marathon for two days to get her in ship shape, however after that all was smooth.  It took us 43 hours of time on the water to get to Havana, mostly under a combination of sail and motor.  We averaged around 5 knots into the gulf stream.

On the return trip home, we had a much stronger wind nearing 20 knots and with the gulf stream completed the return voyage in 28 hours of total time on the water, and it was mostly under sail power.

It was a beautiful trip, and we look forward to more trips with Amazing Grace culminating in the eventual single handed circumnavigation of the globe!

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