Unlike large consulting practices, Bold Adventures’ consultants have an extensive track record of success working for some of America’s top iconic brands. Leaders in marketing, sales, production, distribution, product development, e-commerce, customer service, and many more disciplines. We are not recent college graduates that will provide you with extensive theoretical documents and wish you good luck. Our team has actually built products and companies going from concept to commercialization achieving billions of dollars in sales, and we have built world-class brands that still dominate the market.

We Make It Happen!

The difference with Bold Adventures is that we work side by side with our clients to put their strategy into motion to achieve transformational results. Whether its expanding commercial distribution for Keurig, bringing to life an at home personal draft beer system for Anheuser-Busch, or helping a Swiss start-up like Flatev establish production and set up distribution; our highly skilled team of professionals knows what it takes to Make It Happen!

Business Functions:


Strategic Planning
You know your business and where you want to go. Bold Adventures will help you to think about your strategy in new ways that will enable you to take your business to new heights.


Consumer Insights
Understand your consumer, not only who they are but how they think. Where do they get their information? How do they make buying decisions? Who are their influencers? What are their preferred shopping channels.


Deep Analytics and Predictive Modeling
Consumer modeling is not just a science, it’s an art. Build data that lasts and continually learns. Predict what product your consumer will buy next. Grow your market basket and keep your customers coming back for more repeat purchases.


Raising Capital (Start-ups, New Products, New Ventures)
Show me the money! Do you need to raise $5M for a new production line or a new product?  Let the experts guide you in your search for success. Bold Adventures can provide warm introductions to some of the largest funds in the world.


Organizational Planning
Putting the right people on the bus and putting them in the right seat is critical to success. Strategy, structure and process can turn your business into a global brand if done properly.

Customer Service

Customer Service
Telephony, technology, people, quality and costs associated with customer service operations can be complex. Master the complexity, delight your customers, increase sales, reduce costs and create a world-class brand.


Corporate Finance
Follow the money! Financial planning can be difficult and tedious. Why not leave it to the experts. Make your money work for you. Optimize your investments and grow your business to optimize your profits.


Become a smooth operator.  Efficient and effective processes will help you to optimize your profits, and who doesn’t like profits? Our team has reduced costs, increased sales, and delighted customers for some of America’s top iconic businesses.


Engineering Services
Design it, build it, and awe your customers with world class products. Whether you need to set up a production line, take a product form concept to commercialization, or reduce costs we have you covered.


Product Sourcing
From China to Mexico to the United States, we have sourced products from around the globe. It’s all about getting the best product at the lowest cost with a reliable supply and flexible supply of product.


Transformational Innovation
Breakthrough, transformational, exploring the white space; we all know the buzz words. However, to truly transform takes discipline and process. The disruptive innovation model is a discipline that puts the consumer at the center of all decisions.


Sales and Distribution
Did you know that 90% of all sales in the United States goes through retail distribution?  Selling requires an omni-channel approach that considers all channels. Enable your customer to buy what they want where they want.


Digital Marketing
Develop dynamic websites, e-commerce platforms, apps, SEO disciplines, and creative email campaigns that get results. Programmers are a dime a dozen however, getting the technology to speak to your customer in their voice so it compels them to take the next step is a specialized skill.


Social Media
Technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Sounds good, but what does it mean if you can’t build campaigns that build brand awareness, engage with your audience and help transform your brand with specific goals in mind?


Product Development
Concept to commercialization from ideation through design, manufacturing and market introduction. We have developed over $1 billion of products sold around the globe.


Brand Management
Turn your business into a global brand. Easier said than done.  Why do companies like Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Google and Amazon win and continue to win in the marketplace?  It’s simple, they know how to build brands.

Industrial Design
I have a great idea! An idea can change the world, however if you can’t build it and delight customers with the products performance it’s only an idea. We turn ideas into reality. Quality Functional Deployment, 3D CAD design, specifications, materials selection, design to manufacture, and efficient processes all need to be considered.